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My parents are convinced that everyone is against transgendered individuals and are therefore using that to justify their stopping me from going ahead with my hormone treatment. everyone that reblogs this will go in a book for my parents. Please Help!


"The writers are totally making a game of this, right? Having a character get interrupted by a phone call that illustrates their terrible judgment on the topic at hand?" (x)

#and Spencer is always there judging them #think about your life #think about your choices

Proving a point to my mother- reblog if you are not a pedophile.




If everyone doesn’t reblog this, I’m unfollowing all of you.


Posting for two reasons 1. ^^^
2. Martin freeman



I struggle with depression and anger, and my parents don’t like it. They accused me yesterday of being on my phone too much (I was on Tumblr a lot, I will admit)

Being angry like I am, I got upset at them and tried to defend myself, saying that internet friends are some of the most important people in my life.

Now they want to see if my internet friends will come through for me!!

I feel a bit discouraged, because I have 25 followers. And 3000 is a big number. But please everyone, repost this so it’ll have a pay-it-forward kind of effect…

If you love your internet friends, help me prove my parents wrong, and show them that internet friends ARE real!!

Also I can’t believe this is such a horrible picture of myself but I don’t care because my looks don’t matter to the people that care :D

Hanna Marin in season one

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nothing feels better than winning monopoly. not love. not sex. not free pizza. nothing

I’m sorry, have you tried pizza…?

yes and it doesn’t compare to owning half the board and watching the light die from your friends eyes as you take their money and feel your friendship slowly deteriorate

i like you


@halfadams: So grateful for Mark’s training and attitude. His incredible new video just arrived. I like the Troian parts…

favorite outfits: mona vanderwaal (season two)


So my sister is really sick. Her liver is failing her - and fast. And from a condition no one is sure what to call yet because she has been too ill to get a biopsy done.


During her last 2 1/2 weeks stay she was given a feeding tube. She’s still young. She hasn’t even turned…